latest version = 1.1.6   04/27/2005

MIG Buddy is a web-based image pre-processor for use with MIG (My Image Gallery).

MIG Buddy allows you to view raw images, say from a digital camera, and:

All in your favorite browser!

I created this because I was tired of manually resizing, rotating, renaming, making thumbs, and uploading image files to my mig gallery.

How To Use / What MIG Buddy does:

First, dump a bunch of raw images into the inbound directory and open up MIG Buddy in your favorite browser.
On the left you'll see a list of the files in the inbound directory, and in the middle you'll see a preview of the first one on the list. You can click on others on the list to view them too. On the right are various options, with my favorite settings set as the default. By default... Defaults may be changed by editing the php, or you can choose different options on the fly.
After images are processed or deleted the image is removed from the inbound directory and the list is updated. The next picture is then shown, or, if you did the last, it goes to the image prior. This allows you to quickly and easily go through a batch of raw images.

NEW! Now includes a simple, web-based ftp uploader! Upload your images and thumbnails with one click! Also includes a web interface to backup, restore, or purge files.

MIG Buddy is FREE software. If you really like it and wish to contribute, please do so:


SCREENSHOTS: Main  - Uploader - Utils


DOWNLOAD: kmb-1.1.6.tar.gz    Apr 27, 2005