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This is an entirely free organization created by and for atheists!


  1. It's Free! Never pay a dime for your disbelief!
  2. There's no governing body! No one to tell you how to be an atheist!
  3. There's no leader! Just like the real world, which has no god!
  4. It's fun! Being an atheist is fun! Identifying yourself as an atheist is even funner!
  5. It identifies yourself for what you are, an atheist, and proud of it, damn it!
It's time we stand up together and say,
"Yeah, I'm an atheist and I'm sick of your crap!"

We are people around the world who choose not to follow blindly.
Pissing off Wacko Christians since approx 1997



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News And Updates


September 18, 2004

I modified the USA/Canada and International viewer pages such that by default, all entries are show. Previously, user had to click the "go" button to show them.
I'll also added a validation to prevent bots and such from submitting crap entries.


January 19, 2003

I'm just about done with my latest project. There are a few minor bugs to take care of, but for the most part, it's ready to go:

The Bible Re-Write Project

Yes, it is exactly what you think. Please feel free to check it out, and participate. It's fun, it's free, and it's bound to piss off a few Wacko Xians!


December 26, 2002

Everything should be working good now.

I've added Categories for entries now. See the Entry Form for details. It's fairly self-explanatory. If you're on the list already but want to update the info, email me. It's keith at this domain name.

I've also created 2 viewing pages, one for USA/Canada links, and one for International.

Yes, I built two because I'm too lazy to put together the SQL to have them on one. Maybe if I have some free time someday, I'll do that.


Feel free to browse the old link pages!

North America

YES, I know many of these links are probably dead.
I will add the old international links soon.
















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